Cavalier King Charles Spaniel

Centaur-pentue, synt. 28.05.2017

Litter C, born 28.05.2017

Bumban Rubin & Dracula From Primo's Imperium

Ullanmäen's litter Centaur:

'A clear and wide constellation of the southern sky with nine stars'

'Centaur's constellation depicts the Greek mythology Kheiron, the centaur, who, unlike others, was wise and good-natured.'


  • Ullanmäen Century Of Dracula 
  • Ullanmäen Champion Of Dracula 
  • Ullanmäen Convince Of Dracula 
  • Ullanmäen Command Of Dracula 
  • Ullanmäen Chance Of Dracula
  • Ullanmäen Control Of Dracula 


  • Ullanmäen Conversation Of Dracula 
  • Ullanmäen Constellation Of Dracula 
  • Ullanmäen Celebration Of Dracula

Ainoa-pentue, A-pentue, synt. 16.01.2016

Litter A, born 16.01.2016

Bumban Rubin (R-CAC) & Chameur LT-CH, EE-CH, LV-CH, BALT-CH, EE & LT JUNCH

  • Ullanmäen Ainoa Adalmiina
  • Ullanmäen Ainoa Unelma
  • Ullanmäen Ainoa Charmi 
  • Ullanmäen Ainoa Aku
  • Ullanmäen Ainoa Unna
  • Ullanmäen Ainoa Amalia
  • Ullanmäen Ainoa Alvar
  • Ullanmäen Ainoa Amanda